The Beginning..

About a year and a half ago, we’d sold our small home with the intention of purchasing something bigger & “better” and along with it came a near million dollar price tag that just seemed to be the norm in our city with some of the highest costs of living in Canada. Eventually the self realization came that this was clearly insane. The market was [arguably] extremely over valued with no slow down in sight and the million dollar dream home was in reality a fixer upper at best and a tear down at worst. Not to mention the amount we’d be paying in mortgage interest even with a significant down payment was beyond ludicrous.

Sometime in January or so I stumbled onto Mr. Money Mustache’s blog and became entranced- proceeded to read every post from the beginning of time as fast as I could. This was the first time I actually believed financial freedom was an attainable goal for regular people without trust funds or winning the lottery.

The pursuit of financial freedom began- mostly without too much effort because we’d curbed our desire for the million dollar “Dream house” (aka nightmare) and shopping wasn’t too much of an issue. But we definitely had our vices- eating out multiple times a week sometimes a day (which I’m now embarrassed to say!).

The drive to really be in control of my time without being tied to work or other commitments to pay the bills eventually became stronger as time went on, This January (2017) I signed up for the frugal month challenge at the FrugalWoods blog and have really enjoyed the daily emails of inspiration to stay on track. I’ve had a few digressions but much less than any previous month since the journey began. You’ll soon learn that coffee is one of my many weaknesses (take out coffee ahem); however, with the challenge in mind and somehow feeling I’d be letting down Mrs. Frugalwoods- I have managed 1 — yes one americano in 24 days (not that I’m counting or anything). In all honesty it hasn’t been that difficult, I’ve just been filling one of those travel mugs with coffee or tea in the morning to take with me. Also lunches, I don’t always pack an elaborate lunch – more often than not it’s a banana and some nuts but it gets me through til dinner time.

When it comes to staying motivated I need something to keep me accountable – in this case I’m hoping it’s you. Leave a comment with how you got started onto the journey towards financial freedom or if you’re already there give us all some encouraging words.








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