Enjoy the moment

I think this needs to be said more in our circles of people pursuing financial freedom because when your working towards a goal we have tendency to want to rush the journey. In reality we won’t get any time back whether we are financially independent or not, or kids will never be the same age twice and our partner will continue to grow older with us and family and friends will not be put on hold while you sock away every penny (I guess it’s nickels now).


So while the goal is ultimately be financial free — don’t waste away your days getting there. Come up with ideas to enjoy life on the cheap. I definitely don’t mean spend willy nilly like today is your last day on earth embrace the moment kind of nonsense but I do mean be present with the important people in your life – family and friends. Have people over, go to a free outdoor concert, go for a hike, a picnic, a family library trip & say yes when you’re invited for dinner at friends.

Entertainment wise something we’ve been doing the last couple years is getting an annual pass (often with Christmas gift money) to different attractions around town – this will be different for every city but we’ve done the castle, the museum and this year the IMAX theatre. It’s a great way to not feel guilty about going when you’ve got the pass I actually feel guilty if we don’t go once a month!

When the weather is nice it’s easy to stay active and have fun outdoors. There is so many opportunities to enjoy the view, hike, relax on the beach or picnic in the park. Invite friends and make a day of it.

Don’t forget why you’re working towards financial independence and remember to enjoy the life you’re living right now as much as you possibly can.




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