FU Money

I know there’s a few people that talk about financial independence being f u money and I’m beginning to see it that way lately. Due to unexpected circumstances I’ve been working 6-7 day weeks from December or so until a couple weeks ago and I’ve reached my boiling over point. Ironically, it’s not until I had some time off to realize just how much I’d been missing out on at home and how much my throwing myself into my work had little effect on profitability over the last few months. 

With all this in mind I’ve decided to attempt (I say attempt because finding good staff is nothing short of a miracle) fully staffing my business to see how it can operate with me in the back seat still monitoring and guiding but less full time(hopefully). 

Have you run your own business? Did you find it rewarding? Time sucking? Challenging? I think it’s a roller coaster ride no matter what business but I’d be interested to hear your experience. 

So back to the fu money as it’s so eloquently called- with this in mind- I feel like even if revenue takes a small hit with me pulling myself out of the front lines we have more than enough to survive on and from a personal perspective all things to gain by taking a breather. Most of this new found relaxed approach about money is because we’re approaching the first quarter mark of our net worth goal- woo hoo! 

What have you used your fu money cushion for? 


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