Hey there,

Welcome to my cozy nook on the web.

I’m living in Canada in one of the most expensive cities on the West Coast with my hubby and kiddo while working towards financial freedom through frugality and minimalism.Working a day job, blogging in the evenings, and generally trying to enjoy life as it comes – thinking ahead but letting the present pass me by.

Why do I call myself a Hippy? I feel some of my strongest values can be summed up by this – eating organic food, putting health first & avoiding toxins.  I wasn’t willing to compromise health and to me that means eating local/organic/sustainable without additives or processes foods. This doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Buy in bulk, buy on sale, buy at your local farms and in season produce, buy a cow (we haven’t done this yet – I’m afraid the power will go out!) but I will not be winning any awards for the lowest grocery bill.